biweeklybudget.settings_example module

biweeklybudget.settings_example.DB_CONNSTRING = 'sqlite:///:memory:'

SQLAlchemy database connection string. Note that the value given in generated documentation is the value used in TravisCI, not the real default.

biweeklybudget.settings_example.DEFAULT_ACCOUNT_ID = 1

Account ID to show first in dropdown lists

biweeklybudget.settings_example.FUEL_BUDGET_ID = 1

int - Budget ID to select as default when inputting Fuel Log entries. This must be the database ID of a valid budget.

biweeklybudget.settings_example.PAY_PERIOD_START_DATE =, 3, 17)

The starting date of one pay period. The dates of all pay periods will be determined based on an interval from this date.

biweeklybudget.settings_example.RECONCILE_BEGIN_DATE =, 1, 1)

When listing unreconciled transactions that need to be reconciled, any OFXTransaction before this date will be ignored.

biweeklybudget.settings_example.STALE_DATA_TIMEDELTA = datetime.timedelta(days=2)

datetime.timedelta beyond which OFX data will be considered old

biweeklybudget.settings_example.STATEMENTS_SAVE_PATH = '/home/docs/ofx'

Path to download OFX statements to, and for backfill_ofx to read them from

biweeklybudget.settings_example.TOKEN_PATH = 'vault_token.txt'

Path to read Vault token from, for OFX credentials

biweeklybudget.settings_example.VAULT_ADDR = ''

Address to connect to Vault at, for OFX credentials