Index Page

Main landing page.


Transactions View

Shows all manually-entered transactions.


Transaction Detail

Transaction detail modal to view and edit a transaction.


Transactions with Budget Splits

A single Transaction can be split across multiple budgets.


Credit Card Payoff Calculations

Credit card payoff calculations based on a variety of payment methods, with configurable payment increases over time or one-time additional payment amounts.


Reconcile Transactions with OFX

OFX Transactions reported by financial institutions can be marked as reconciled with a corresponding Transaction.


Drag-and-Drop Reconciling

To reconcile an OFX transaction with a Transaction, just drag and drop.


Pay Periods View

Summary of previous, current and upcoming pay periods, plus date selector to find a pay period.


Single Pay Period View

Shows a pay period (current in this example) balances (income, allocated, spent, remaining), budgets and transactions (previous/manually-entered and scheduled).



List all budgets, along with graphs of spending per budget, per payperiod and per month.


Single Budget View

Budget detail modal to view and edit a budget.


Accounts View


Account Details

Details of a single account.


OFX Transactions

Shows transactions imported from OFX statements.


Scheduled Transactions

List all scheduled transactions (active and inactive).


Specific Date Scheduled Transaction

Scheduled transactions can occur one-time on a single specific date.


Monthly Scheduled Transaction

Scheduled transactions can occur monthly on a given date.


Number Per-Period Scheduled Transactions

Scheduled transactions can occur a given number of times per pay period.


Fuel Log

Vehicle fuel log and fuel economy tracking.


Project Tracking

Track projects and their cost.


Projects - Bill of Materials

Track individual items/materials for projects.