biweeklybudget.settings_example module

biweeklybudget.settings_example.DB_CONNSTRING = 'sqlite:///:memory:'

SQLAlchemy database connection string. Note that the value given in generated documentation is the value used in CI builds, not the real default.

biweeklybudget.settings_example.DEFAULT_ACCOUNT_ID = 1

Account ID to show first in dropdown lists

biweeklybudget.settings_example.FUEL_BUDGET_ID = 1

int - Budget ID to select as default when inputting Fuel Log entries. This must be the database ID of a valid budget.

biweeklybudget.settings_example.PAY_PERIOD_START_DATE =, 3, 17)

The starting date of one pay period. The dates of all pay periods will be determined based on an interval from this date.

biweeklybudget.settings_example.PLAID_CLIENT_ID = None

Plaid Client ID

biweeklybudget.settings_example.PLAID_COUNTRY_CODES = None

PLAID_COUNTRY_CODES is a comma-separated list of countries for which users will be able to select institutions from.

biweeklybudget.settings_example.PLAID_ENV = None

Plaid environment name. Use ‘sandbox’ to test with Plaid’s Sandbox environment (username: user_good, password: pass_good). Use development to test with live users and credentials and production to go live

biweeklybudget.settings_example.PLAID_PRODUCTS = 'transactions'

PLAID_PRODUCTS is a comma-separated list of products to use when initializing Link. Note that this list must contain ‘assets’ in order for the app to be able to create and retrieve asset reports.

biweeklybudget.settings_example.PLAID_SECRET = None

Plaid Secret (client secret)

biweeklybudget.settings_example.PLAID_USER_ID = '1'

PLAID_USER_ID is a unique per-user ID for users of Plaid applications. Since this is a single-user app, we just hard-code to “1”

biweeklybudget.settings_example.RECONCILE_BEGIN_DATE =, 1, 1)

When listing unreconciled transactions that need to be reconciled, any OFXTransaction before this date will be ignored.

biweeklybudget.settings_example.STALE_DATA_TIMEDELTA = datetime.timedelta(days=2)

datetime.timedelta beyond which OFX data will be considered old

biweeklybudget.settings_example.STATEMENTS_SAVE_PATH = '/home/docs/ofx'

Path to download OFX statements to, and for backfill_ofx to read them from

biweeklybudget.settings_example.TOKEN_PATH = 'vault_token.txt'

Path to read Vault token from, for OFX credentials

biweeklybudget.settings_example.VAULT_ADDR = ''

Address to connect to Vault at, for OFX credentials